Workshop: Launching of Water Management Curriculum for Africa

The Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) addresses water management in a holistic manner, integrating the management of water resources with ecosystem services, human health, ecological sustainability, economic growth, poverty alleviation, gender equality, employment and other aspects of sustainable human development. By enhancing knowledge and practice of water management in Africa using ecohydrology and IWRM through curricula development and dissemination, key stakeholders and their communities will be empowered in identifying sustainable solutions for addressing water management challenges in Africa.

The adaptation of Water Management Curricula Using Ecohydrology and Integrated Water Resources Management  with African contexts is implemented under the new project “Upscaling Water Security to Meet Local, Regional, and Global Challenges ‐ Designing Local Ecohydrology and IWRM Educational Resources for Africa”. The project serves to supplement and further advance the outcomes of the original Upscaling Water Security to Meet Local, Regional, and Global Challenges project. The overall purpose of the new project is to ensure that the Water Management Curricula produced under the original project are as relevant, applicable and appropriate to the African as well as the wider Asian context as possible, in turn enabling their widespread use and appreciation in relevant contexts.

In July 2019, UNESCO Office Jakarta – with the support of Malaysia Funds in Trust (MFIT) and in collaboration with UNESCO Office Abuja and UNESCO Category 2 Centres and Chairs in both regions – conducted a “Workshop for the Drafting of Water Management Curriculum for Africa” in Jakarta. The workshop was held to develop a draft Water Management Curriculum for Africa that will be relevant, applicable and appropriate to the sub-Saharan African context and ultimately wider Africa.

When: 28-29 November 2019

Where: Jakarta, Indonesia

Objectives:  To discuss the final document of the water management curricula and its integration into national curricula in Africa, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, and
to launch the resulting Water Management Curriculum for Africa.

Concept Note and Agenda

Concept Note

Contact Person:

Dr. Hans Dencker Thulstrup
Senior Program Specialist

Water and Environmental Sciences