Haze Indonesia2a

When: 12 October 2017

Where: UNESCO Office, Jakarta

Who: Members of the Indonesian National Bioethics Committee (NBC), as well as representatives of the relevant ministries and agencies in Indonesia.

Why: The meeting aims to:

  • Identify emerging issues on haze and forest fire in Indonesia, as well as the recent actions taken and policies enacted to address the issues;
  • Share best practices and lessons learned among institutions to deal with annual haze in Indonesia; and
  • Discuss potential topics for the inclusion in the Forum of NBCs in December 2017.

For additional information about the Indonesian consultation meeting, please click here.

Findings and recommendations will be presented at the Regional Forum of NBCs on Haze Pollution on the 6th and 7th of December 2017, in Jakarta, Indonesia. This Forum will use the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, adopted with acclamation by UNESCO in 2005, to frame the debate on haze pollution, and to generate evidence-based, ethically derived recommendations for the relevant actors and stakeholders.

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Contact Person:

Mr. Irakli Khodeli, Programme Specialist, Social Human Sciences (i.khodeli(at)