In order to make known the Malaysia-UNESCO Cooperation Programme (MUCP) to other Member States of UNESCO and to showcase of the key achievements, a round table discussion on South-South Cooperation for Sustainable Development will be organized on 9 November 2015, alongside the 38th General Conference in UNESCO HQ, Paris, France.

The event is organized to highlight key achievements of the projects included in the MUCP which are consistent with Malaysia’s commitments to the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development as well as UNESCO priorities to tackle today’s acute economic, social and environmental challenges for achieving sustainable societies. The roundtable discussion will be accompanied by an exhibition on the key projects supported by the MUCP, including display of informational and promotional materials and short video clip with highlights on the MUCP projects and their achievements.

The Roundtable will open with a 5 minute video clip with highlights of a cross section of MUCP projects in action. Panels will be displayed around the meeting room illustrating different facets of the programme. Handouts will be available with succinct information about the programme.