UNESCO fosters Cultural Exchange through World Heritage-Inspired Creative Products in Indonesia and Malaysia

UNESCO and the Malaysia-UNESCO Cooperation Programme (MUCP) convened a cultural exchange workshop from 30 April-3 May 2023, in Yogyakarta. The event fostered greater understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures through cross-cultural dialogue and community engagement.It brought together creative industry players from Indonesia and Malaysia living in and around the world heritage sites, to exchange knowledge and experiences about their respective creative and entrepreneurial processes, and learn how to create original products inspired by the sites.The opening ceremony, held on 1 May 2023, was attended by Malaysian and Indonesian artisans, site managers, representatives of UNESCO and the Governments of Indonesia and Malaysia.
Both Indonesia and Malaysia have cultural heritage shaped by centuries of history and influences from various cultures. By sharing our cultural expressions, we can gain a deeper appreciation of each other’s unique contributions to the cultural tapestry of the world Ardito M. Kodijat, National Officer at UNESCO Office Jakarta.
The cultural exchange programme features a series of events showcasing the diverse customs, traditions, and unique cultural experiences. The workshops enable the development of creative products, which in turn has positive impacts on the livelihoods of communities living within and around World Heritage Sites.Participants from George Town, Melaka and Yogyakarta were invited to share their customs and beliefs, explore differences and similarities and exchange insights and perspectives, towards a sustainable development adapted to local communities.
This workshop is significant, as it supports local communities to interpret the values of World Heritage sites as one of the Orange Economy assets. Conducting research and highlighting these values is critical for the sites, to be appreciated by local and international communities and to inspire sustainable practices among locals, especially youth Ahmadul Mokhtar Bin Mohd Hayani, Executive Secretary of the Malaysian National Commission for UNESCOThe programme is very useful for both countries especially for the site managers of the World Heritage Sites and the assisted artisans who interpret the values of the sites into their creative work. Through this workshop, both countries can inspire each other, and support the World Heritage preservation Khanifudin Malik, Museum & Cultural Heritage Directorate General of Culture, Indonesia
Over the course of the workshop, these creative industry players participated in the series of exchange sessions, product mentoring, field visit and mini exhibition, where they were able to share experiences, knowledge, and inspirations with each other on developing world heritage inspired creative products.The event will be followed by a final virtual closing workshop on 22 May 2023, during which artisans from Malaysia and Indonesia will showcase and discuss the prototypes of their newly developed products.
We express our gratitude for the organization of this workshop showcasing ideas, inspirations and shared opportunities between heritage sites Mr Baser, the creator of the Model Kayu Rumah Tradisional from Melaka, Malaysia.We are more inspired to diversify our designs and motifs from the Borobudur temple relief. By connecting various artisans and experts, the program helps us to develop our products Nur Wulan Yulianing, owner of Narawasenan batik group from Borobudur.